Published: 7.6.2017

Robotics for care are believed to hold great potential for increasing the productivity and quality of health care and welfare service provision. In order to support this view, a roadmap is conceived that aims to provide an overview and future directions of care services, the  technologies that assist such services and how it affects the innovation and business ecosystem.

The main mission for this roadmap is to inform the discussion as well as to engage in the debate of the opportunities and challenges in the Finnish context. The roadmap provides recommendations on policy and identifies open research directions. In its current form, the roadmap was released to the general public and the Finnish government body in June 2017. As a living document, the roadmap will be revised in the future and released on suitable occasions.

An executive summary of the roadmap can be found here.

Robotics in Care Services: A Finnish Roadmap, 2017.


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Ville Kyrki


Timo Brander